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LampeBerger Parfum Berger
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Fragrances and Emotions
A collection of fragrances with essential oils with aromachological virtues,
to fully live your emotions.

Discover our three collections Relax Energy Happy
Oriental Comfort
A feminine, amber and delicately powdery fragrance,
particularly for relaxation and well-being.
Essential oils with beneficial virtues
PATCHOULI reduces nervous tension and stress
GAIAC WOOD anti-depressant and stimulating virtues
I relax
AROMA Energy
Sparkling Zest
a fresh and sparkling fragrance, for an invigorating and
energising atmosphere.
Essential oils with beneficial virtues
GRAPEFRUIT helps to create positivity, imparts enthusiasm
and reduces anguish and anxiety
I'm energized
Aquatic Freshness
a fresh and floral fragrance with a
sunny facet evoking joy
Essential oils with beneficial virtues
CLOVE tones, boosts morale and physical health and releases
blocked energy.
I radiate happiness