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LampeBerger Parfum Berger
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Herbe Faîche Bouquet Cube

Herbe Faîche Bouquet parfumé

Herbe Faîche Bouquet Cube


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Description: A fragranced bouquet with the new Herbe Fraîche fragrance. Herbe Fraîche is like a breath of fresh air. Simple and effective, it evokes familiar and soothing feelings that everyone will recognise. The pure and luminous scent of fresh grass is unmistakeable, intermingled with a light and aquatic floral heart. Its unrivalled charm is provided by the woody base which supports and harmonises the green flight of this new fragrance. This transparent glass bottle, pre-filled with 125ml of fragrance, features a silver ring and 8 black sticks in technical polymer for an intensely scented interior. Diffusion time approximately 4 weeks. Find out more: Product benefit: A grassy atmosphere will envelop your home. The sweet smell of freshly cut grass floats over your home. Expert tip: To reduce the intensity of the fragrance, you can remove a few sticks.
Material Glass
Capacity 125ml
Height N/A
Top N/A
Color N/A
SKU 006078