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LampeBerger Parfum Berger
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Coral Berlingot Lamp boxed set

Coral Berlingot catalytic lamp

Coral Berlingot Lamp boxed set


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Height: 13.5 cm - Volume: 295 ml.


The shape and citrus colour of the new Berger Lampe Berlingot is inspired by the famous Berlingot sweet. Your fragrance diffuser comes in a boxed set with the Lampe Berger Aquatic Wood interior fragrance. For a summery ocean-front ambiance.


Product benefits:

A complete boxed set that includes a catalytic diffuser, a home fragrance refill, a catalytic burner and accessories.

Expert tip:

This boxed set format means that you can take it with you, wherever you want, to eliminate bad smells and add a decorative touch wherever you are! Lamp sold as a boxed set with accessories: wick-burner, round mounting, suffer and funnel.

Material Glass
Capacity 295ml
Height 13,5cm
Top Shiny silver straight mounting
Color corail
SKU 004621