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LampeBerger Parfum Berger
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On line boutique Lampe Berger Paris

On line boutique Lampe Berger Paris and Parfum Berger
On line catalitic lamp and home fragrance sell, fragranced bouquet, fragrance refills and room spray

THE CATALYSIS, a unique technology...

Thanks to its exclusive patented burner, the lampe Berger purifies and perfumes the air in enclosed spaces like no other system. Indeed, this diffusion by catalysis truly destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells. In this way, perfuming is fast, consistent and long-lasting in a room even when it is large in volume.

PARFUM BERGER, another way of perfuming your home

A collection of fragrant, elegant and refined items, aimed at all those who want to introduce a true olfactory signature to their home. PARFUM BERGER now invites you to discover another way of perfuming your home - occasional or continual, intense or delicate, but always with topmost quality and without any concessions. A collection that is based on exceptional fragrances, created in Grasse by Master-perfumers as a real tribute to French tradition and know-how.